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"My point of view is that companies that adhere to the [core principles] of bitcoin have brighter futures and the ability to reach greater scale than companies that are making compromises."
Alyse founded Stillmark in 2019 to serve founders building in the Bitcoin ecosystem - providing early capital and active support for those breaking ground to build iconic companies. She began advising and investing in Bitcoin and blockchain startups in 2013 after establishing a career in VC the year prior.

In venture capital for nearly a decade, Alyse has invested across the full range of a private company’s life cycle - from first check in to pre-IPO. She works with both enterprise and consumer-orientated tech companies, as well as with teams building infrastructure. What Alyse enjoys most about her work are the opportunities to be in the trenches with founders and their teams. The founders Stillmark backs are building companies with the potential for cultural significance and the opportunity to progress customs and the modern way of life. They are launching new markets and challenging industry incumbents with leading-edge technologies. A founder's ambition and courage to target these aims is what motivates Alyse's work.

As a teenager, Alyse spent summers working in the business her grandfather built. The tenacity and hard-won successes of Alyse’s entrepreneurial grandfather inspires her passion for and commitment to listening, understanding, and supporting founders, especially underdogs and those historically outside of the spotlight.


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